Stamps dated 1290 (= 1873-74) Plate A.
Made up of 15 Shahi types, SG 12. Outer circle with four corner ornaments. Position 6 shows top right corner ornament roughly restored.
Plate reconstruction.


Pair with positions 5 and 6 from an early state of the plate, position 6 showing the missing corner ornament.
This was noticed very quickly and the ornament was roughly added to the stone (as in the reconstruction above).
This example is ex Hopkins. The stamps are cancelled over the lion's head, indicative of use from Tashkurghan.missingcorner

Plate A (position 8). On part cover with scissor cut cancellation. via Peshawur, Rawulpinde Jan 28, Lahore Jan 29, Allahabad Feb 1, and Bombay Feb 2. Boxed Indian postage due mark.

Plate A. Vertical Pair (Positions 1 and 4). Used on reverse of internal cover with cancelling tears.

Plate A (position 3). Used on cover with cancelling tear and manuscript penstroke, said to resemble a sword and indicative of use at Kabul. Afghanistan was not in the UPU so the postage was only prepaid as far as the Afghan extra-territorial post office at Peshawar. The cover also has Indian markings of– Peshawar Feb 4 (on obverse) Peshawar City Feb 4 Rawlpindi Feb 5 Jhelum Feb 5 Bhera Feb 7 Boxed “Unpaid Sorting” and “Postage Due . . . Anna”

1290 Plate B, without corner ornaments.
Positions 32 and 33, used on cover with cancelling tears.


Plate B. Position 36 Cover with mutilation and penstroke cancellations, indicating use at Kabul.

Plate B. Position 11. Cover with mutilation and penstroke cancellations, indicating use at Kabul.

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