This  chapter illustrates some of the airmail essays from c.1928 to 1931.

There are two series. the first was made around 1928-30, the second about 1931.

circa 1928-1930. Overprinted “Poste Aerienne” with National Arms and surcharged. Status unknown. These could have been essays for a proposed airmail issue. Patterson notes that “these stamps are very scarce regardless of their origin, and, therefore, could not have been produced in quantity”.

(a) On parcel post stamps of 1909. Stamps known– 15 Afg on 3 Shahi buff, imperf 15 Afg on 3 Shahi olive-brown, imperf 15 Afg on 1Kr grey-olive, imperf 15 Afg on 1Kr yellow-olive, imperf 15 Afg on 1 rupp olive-grey, imperf

(b) On stamps of 1920. Stamps known– 25 Afg on 10p carmine

(c) On parcel post stamps of 1921. Stamps known– 15 Afg on 15p red-brown; 25 Afg on 10p chocolate


(d) On stamps of 1927. Stamps known– 7½ Afg on 30p blue-green imperf; 15 Afg on 60p light blue

(e) On stamps of 1928. Stamps known– 7½ Afg on 40p ultramarine; 7½ Afg on 50p scarlet; 15 Afg on 10p green.

(f) On stamps of 1929. Stamps known–     7½ Afg on 15p ultramarine     15 Afg on 2p rose-carmine     25 Afg on 60p black.

circa 1931. A second set of airmail essays is known. This time overprinted “Air Mail” in English and with the National Arms and date (1931). These are also surcharged in Pool or Rupees. A proof block of 4 of the overprint (without the surcharge). The overprint can be found with the top line inverted, as shown in position 2 of this block.

(a) On 1909 and 1927 Issues. Stamps known– No surcharge on 1909 Official; 4 Rupees on 15 poul perf and imperf, 3 Rupees on 30 poul imperf

(b) on 1929 Issue.
Stamps known–  60 poul on 60 poul; 1 Rupee on 40 poul; 2 Rupee on 10 poul; 5 Rupee on 25 poul; and 6 Rupee on 2 poul

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