In 1907 three stamps were issued which were Afghanistan's first "western" style stamps. The values were 1 abasi, 2 abasi and 1 rupee. They were initially issued imperf, then rouletted, then perforated. However it seems that the quantities of perforated stamps were not great so that imperf stamps are still found, particualarly of the 1 abasi,  after the introduction of the perf stamps.

        1abpr 1 abasi pair in a deep shade.Multiples of this value are scarce.1907_1abasipane
1 abasi complete pane of six. A sheet had three panes, but I know of no complete sheets

2absheet 2 abasi sheet of 18, 3 panes of 6, 1 tete-beche.

1 Rupee sheet of 16

1 Rupee part sheet of 12 in blue green.

The imperfs used: 1 abasi in blue and in green, 2 abasi blue, and 1 rupee in blue and in green


1 abasi imperf on cover from Peshawar to Kabul, June 1907.

1 abasi imperf on cover from Mazar-i-Sharif to Kabul, November 1907.

2 abasi imperf on r
egistered cover from Jalalabad, February 1910.

The rouletted issue

The perf issue used and
mint: the 1 abasi perf may not exist mint

The 1 rupee imperf between

1 abasi perf used on cover
from Kabul, June 1908

2 abasi perf on cover from Kabul to Jalalabad

1 rupee perf used on cover f
ront from Mazar-i-Sharif, 1908.

1 rupee
on piece with fake cancel of Kabul. See the Postmark Chapter for a clearer example of this cancel.
A giveaway is the lack of stars around "Kabul". Such a cancel did not appear until 1916.

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