Independence Day stamps were first issued in  1920 for the first anniversary of the war of independence. The same stamps were reissued the following year. The next issue, an overprint, was for the fifth anniversary in 1923. Thereafter annual issues were made. Usually these stamps were only on regular sale during the week-long Independence celebrations, so used examples are often hard to find.  They remained on sale at the Kabul philatelic centre after that period, where they were sold at a premium.

Sometimes the stamps commemorated the Independence Day (counting the actual event as the first "Day"), sometimes the Independence Anniversary. So the 1925 7th Independence Day was followed in 1926 by the 7th Indepenence Anniversary. There were no issues for the 3rd and 4th Independence Days and the 2nd Independence Day was a re-issue of the 1st Independence Day set.

The pages in this Chapter each illustrate one of the Independence issues.


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